Denver Brown

New grant to conduct single center pilot trial of alkali therapy in children with CKD

Denver Brown

Denver D. Brown, M.D., recipient of the Child Health Research Career Development Award.

Linear growth (i.e., height) impairment is commonly observed in children with chronic kidney disease (CKD). Several studies have suggested metabolic acidosis, a frequent consequence of mild to moderate CKD in children, as a contributing factor to linear growth failure in these patients. Grant awardee Denver D. Brown, M.D., aims to conduct a pilot trial in children with mild metabolic acidosis and CKD, comparing differences in linear growth between an observation period versus a period of supplementation with alkali therapy (i.e., treatment for metabolic acidosis).

“This grant is so important because there has never been a clinical trial of alkali therapy in children with CKD despite its frequent use in this population” says Dr. Brown. “This research has the potential to better inform treatment practices with the aim of improving the care of our young, vulnerable patients.”

The Child Health Research Career Development Award (CHRCDA) of $125,000 will support Dr. Brown in her efforts to carry out this pilot trial.

“Funding for this pilot study could lay the groundwork for a large, randomized controlled clinical trial, which would help fill a major gap in knowledge as to the precise benefits of alkali therapy, especially regarding growth in children with impaired kidney function.”