Catherine Bollard at People V. Cancer summit

In the news: People v. pediatric cancer

“I just want to hammer home the fact that, if you have a child with a pediatric solid tumor who relapses, most likely the chemotherapy that will be treating that child will be the same chemotherapy that a child diagnosed 20 years ago would have received. This is how little progress has been made…. This is what we are trying to change.”

Catherine Bollard, M.D., M.B.Ch.B., director of the Center for Cancer and Immunology Research at Children’s National Hospital, pulled the curtain back on her work fighting pediatric brain tumors at The Atlantic’s People V. Cancer summit. This annual event brings together leading voices from the front lines for in-depth conversations about how to stop this complex and lethal disease. Dr. Bollard discussed the unique importance of collaboration among pediatric oncologists and the optimism she has for using a patient’s immune system to go after solid tumors with CAR T therapies.