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Zhe Han, PhD
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Drosophila Model Unlocks a Key to Genetic Influence of APOL1 on Chronic Kidney Disease

Years of research involving tiny fruit flies leads to a giant breakthrough in how scientists understand the onset of genetically acquired kidney disease.
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'Trojan Horse’ Macrophage TNF-alpha Opens Door for HIV-1 to Enter Kidney Epithelial Cells, Causing Nephropathy

After two decades of study, Patricio Ray, MD, and colleagues solved the medical mystery behind HIV’s curious ability to cause kidney disease despite kidney cells’ lack of the key receptor.
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Learning Platform Teaches Clinicians How to Spot and Treat Malaria

The case-based, self-directed interactive learning platform was unveiled at this year's Infectious Diseases Society of America meeting. These unique tools come complete with dancing avatars.

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